Guam Typhoon Relief

An information hub for organizations providing aid & relief to victims of Typhoon Mawar which passed through Guam and Rota on May 25, 2023 The typhoon has caused widespread destruction, leaving many families homeless and in dire need of assistance.
Si Yuus Maase for your help (Thank You)!


Monetary Donations: Financial contributions will help cover the purchase, logistics, transportation, and distribution costs associated with this relief effort. Any amount, no matter how small, will make a significant difference. 

Donation of Essential Items: If you have any of the items listed below that you can donate, we would greatly appreciate your contribution to a relief organization. Please let us know if you are able to provide such donations, and we can arrange for their collection or drop-off at the designated location.

Spread the Word: Even if you are unable to contribute personally, you can still help by spreading the word about our donation drive through your social networks, email contacts, or community groups. Sharing information about this cause will increase our chances of reaching more individuals who may be able to assist.

* This is not a comprehensive list. Please contact us to tell us about other relief efforts not listed here. Thanks!

Ongoing-San Diego
House of Chamorros
Accepting Donations  - Ongoing
Every weekend from 11am - 4pm
House of Chamorros Cottage, Balboa Park, San

Past-SF Bay Area - June 17, 2023
Payless Logistics, San Francisco
Container packed to the Max. Will arrive in Guam on July 6th!!!
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Past-San Diego - June 10, 2023
Sons and Daughters of Guam Club
Donations that can be made and delivered on June 10th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Sons and Daughters of Guam Club. 334 Willie James Jones Ave. San Diego, CA 92102
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Each organization collecting donations will have their specific needs list. *Some items such as most liquids, lithium batteries and appliances cannot be shipped.

Typhoon Mawar Recovery: Inafa'Maolek Mutual Aid Ginen Sanlagu

Typhoon Mawar devastated Guam last month, and those with Guam ties in the diaspora have been actively searching for ways to support and asist those back home. This episode of Fanachu features organizers from the Inafa’maolek Mutual Aid Ginen Sanlagu group which has been coordinating Typhoon Mawar recovery assistance to be sent back to Guam. Featured on the episode will be Alex “Tåddong” White, Janai Limtiaco and Kutturan Chamoru Foundation Fafa’na’gue Heidi Quenga. 


Water containers 

Water filters 

Non perishable food

Portable solar panels & power stations

Light sources

Diapers (infant/child/adult)


Head lamps

Trash Bags

Bug spray

Cleaning supplies 

Dishwashing liquid 

Hygiene products 

Butane stoves for cooking and boiling water 

Tarp (for temporary roofing)

Gardening tools (machetes or chainsaw)
Lightly used clothing



Please contact to update us about upcoming releif events, specific comments or corrections.